Real World Versus Online Book of Ra


Over the last few years the Book Of Ra slot game has steadily risen to become one of the most popular choices for players. Right now millions of people play it each day enthusiastically. This popularity is as a result of its interesting design, beautiful imagery and great payout percentage. This game has one of the highest payout percentages for any slot game, with an average rate of about 96.99% across most online casino sites. This is quite impressive when compared even with older games. It is also a reason why these games tend to have a leg up on real world slot machines.

With slot machines, comparing payout percentages can be a difficult task. You have to visit individual machines to check out this information and even in a hall where there are hundreds of machines, it can be a pain. When you however go online, all you need to do is to visit a few review sites and you can easily track down the one with the highest payout percentage, all from the comfort of your chair. Besides comparison, you also have the added benefit of sign up bonuses when you join most online casinos. There is no such introductory bonus in real world casinos. You can be given a lump sum to begin playing with or have your first deposit matched in some way.

Another reason to go online is that you will not be competing with anyone to get to the machine. In real world gambling, a popular slot machine can have a line of people waiting to play it. If you however play online, you have no such await and can immediately play whatever you want, whenever you want to. Privacy is another benefit that people who dislike the noise and crowds of casinos appreciate with online sites. They can play in a peaceful atmosphere at home, without disturbance. 

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